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X2 Group was formed in 2012 with a vision of providing a professional alternative for freight forwarders. A company offering services that would allow for small-medium size freight forwarders to compete with multinationals in both capability and presentation.

Today X2 Group has 455¬†corporate customers in 159 countries around the globe. X2 Group’s expansive client base continues to grow as the group develops and expands into new areas of business. Through X2 Logistics Networks, X2 World Media, and Ontori Thailand; X2 Group meets the needs of its growing client base through the continual development of its business units to provide the tools to meet the future needs of its customers.

X2 Group and its first venture, X2 Logistics Networks, have their beginnings in 2012 when Richard Overton formed the company with the purpose of bringing professionalism to the logistics networking industry, an aspect that was recognized as lacking by Richard and leading individuals within the freight forwarding industry. X2 Group and X2 Logistics Networks have sought to establish relationships with companies that are seeking more professional dealings with global partners.


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