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Our Global Professional Business Network

X2 Group was formed in 2012 with a vision of providing a professional alternative for freight forwarders. A company offering services that would allow for small-medium size freight forwarders to compete with multinationals in both capability and presentation.

Today X2 Group has 455 corporate customers in 159 countries around the globe. X2 Group’s expansive client base continues to grow as the group develops and expands into new areas of business. Through X2 Logistics Networks, X2 World Media, and Ontori Thailand; X2 Group meets the needs of its growing client base through the continual development of its business units to provide the tools to meet the future needs of its customers.

X2 Group and its first venture, X2 Logistics Networks, have their beginnings in 2012 when Richard Overton formed the company with the purpose of bringing professionalism to the logistics networking industry, an aspect that was recognized as lacking by Richard and leading individuals within the freight forwarding industry. X2 Group and X2 Logistics Networks have sought to establish relationships with companies that are seeking more professional dealings with global partners.


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Adrian Radulescu ADD Cargo SRL

The way you are organizing this X2... is the good way to do it. We have to be something different, you know, we have to skip the networks that are founded only for the benefits of the founders... Quality not quantity. For sure the quality will be chosen against the quantity... X2 has a good chance to become one of the top networks

Alan Langdon Woodland Global LTD

This is the first network that we've been involved in. From the introductions and the speeches you've been making we're totally behind the values and objectives you've been sharing. We put a real different emphasis on sales and business development. So, once we have our sales teams active in our markets and such, in order to develop our business we have to grow to different markets. We really see that the X2 Network... you want to limit and cap the size of the network. To me that means that we are going to be able to utilize top quality, we are looking for the aggregate leveraging for volumes for procurement...

Graham Burford American Worldwide Agencies (AWA)

... the venue here is really surprising... it's made me feel very homey, everyone's got to communicate, touch base outside the one-on-ones. They've been bang, bang, bang, but you get to relax, enjoy and communicate with people. There have been some really good ones (1:1 meetings), some great partners, great X2 members around the world. We have to really prioritize where we want to focus on. You got so many great partners there... What I love about X2 is the people. We have owners of the business... and that enables us as partners in our business partner with the people who control the freight... We want to work with the decision makers and that's what X2 allows us to do. The bottom line is the room today filled with great people... You're talking to people who know what they're doing.

Gautam Bhagat Linkedin Logistics Partners Pvt Ltd

Richard, and his team at X2, have done a stupendous job of diluting the term 'competition' and transforming it to 'collaboration' by providing a platform where diligent organizations in the industry have converged to form alliances, share views, opinions and updates, and assist each other in scaling operations. The intervention mechanisms of X2, to its members, have also helped in providing security while undertaking business ventures with other members. This has largely led to ease in operating in an environment infested with 'big brothers'. X2 Elite is without being elitist! I'm eagerly looking forward to the conference and interacting with other members.

Oladeji Ogunfemi Destiny Cargo

X2 Elite is a unique network with a high potential of business but all the members need to work together to build the network as well as each other businesses. ... hoping to attend 2015 conference to meet members that are working with us presently and build more relationship to expand your business. Once you have X2 Elite you don't need another network as you will be fully updated on a daily basis and minute by minute broadcast.

Mourad- Aoun
Mourad Aoun Net Logistics

Basically logistics is a dynamic word. We can never say that we reached where we should be... the needs of the clients have developed, the needs of the client have evolved into a more demanding price oriented but  very quality oriented service. That requires a lot of synergy among members of networks where we need to have the right price, right service, and right presentation to the client... There's no more small markets. We're talking about developed multinational or regional distribution. This is where X2... offers the value, the added value and opportunities to the members to compete in the market.

Herbert Hang Shanghai SAGA International Freight Forwarding Co, Ltd.

This  is the best... network, I feel very well because we have been in other networks in the past 10 years. The organization, the organization, the meetings are not that good. This time I feel confident... we have the same page of philosophy so that is very good.

Jeff Schumacher American Worldwide Agencies (AWA)

I would like to let you know the quality of this network is easily the highest of any network I have worked with in 20 years of freight forwarding. The top-down interactivity that leads to rich and meaningful interaction and relationships between member partners is unparalleled to anything I have experienced. It is truly a like-minded group, with the highest ideals and the greatest levels of professionalism. I am proud and honored to be a member of the X2 Elite network, and I give you the highest praise for your efforts to create, manage, and maintain this phenomenal team.

Samir Benmannsour LoadLine S.A.R.L.

We had the feeling that we have more added value that our competitors don't have and we were looking for partners with the same values. The conference for me is really not a start, but a second or third step on the way. Hand in hand in cooperation with our partners to reach a target that will probably take us ahead.

Peter Mathew Fleet Line Shipping Services L.L.C.

A good network with that offers us the things to compete with the multinational companies, here we have this advantage of choosing the right partner, and so far that is really helping us... There is no more concept of having offices across (the world) as an advantage...