One Monocle Plans & Manages Successful South Africa Ball 2018

On October 6th, 2018 the South Africa Ball was held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. X2 Group’s event management company, One Monocle was contacted to plan and manage the event at short notice, and created an event that has received high praise. Also in the run up tot he event, One Monocle was responsible for event PR & marketing, plus the search for sponsors to support the fundraising for two charities.

One Monocle was contacted about six weeks out from the event date and asked to organize and plan the event. Within that time One Monocle conceptualized, sourced decorations and other visuals, organized menus, and developed a schedule of events for the evening.

As is the aim with all that One Monocle does, is to make the night unforgettable and continue to raise the bar to redefine what a high quality event is in Bangkok, Thailand.

The evening opened up with a splendid reception area with a balloon gate entrance, Beautiful flowers arrangements, staff with welcome drinks at the ready, and elegant cocktail tables . The main highlight of the reception area was a “Wish Tree”. The Wish Tree was created to support 2 charity organisations: The Rice Seeds Child Programme and The HESC Rhino Orphanage.

The night featured a welcome by Ragil Ratnam, the Chairman of the South Africa – Thailand Chamber of Commerce, and a speech about Nelson Mandela and how South Africa has changed over the past 20 years from someone who knew Nelson Mandela personally, the South Africa Ambassador to Thailand, Geoff Doidge.

This year’s South Africa Ball also featured a musical performance by South African musical duo Qadasi & Maq. The pair create music that is a mix of traditional Zulu sounds and modern strings and lyrics incorporating two languages.

We wanted to create a feeling of South Africa and gather the great community together! And step away from the boring conception of gala dinners and charity events to make it unique and enjoyable! – says Kristina Terekhova, Event, PR & Marketing Manager of One Monocle

To conclude the might, many guests gathered around a TV in the reception area to watch the South Africa v. New Zealand rugby match. Unfortunately, the night ended as a loss for the South Africans.

Despite the slight damper of a rugby loss, the event was applauded and One Monocle received many messages of praise when everyone was back one their feet after a day of recovery. We received special recognition from the South African Ambassador about the night’s ambiance,”…what a complete transformation… It reflected South Africa from the entrance and through to the completely unrecognisable ballroom.”

One Monocle would like to thank the South Africa – Thailand Chamber of Commerce and Jabulani for the opportunity to plan the South Africa Ball 2018.

One Monocle also expresses their appreciation to the Rice Seeds children who wholeheartedly sung the “Royal Thai Anthem” to open the event.

Finally, One Monocle thanks the ambassadors of South Africa, Kenya, New Zealand, and Peru for spending their evening at the South Africa Ball 2018.