Event Management

The services offered by X2 Group have a global reach and that is shown through our clients located in Asia, Europe, North America and the rest of the world. We offer clients a variety of management services, namely Business Network Management, Event Management and Creative Solutions.

One Monocle is the home of X2 Group's event planners and managers. The One Monocle team has planned, organised, and managed well over 200 events over the course of their careers. Our team can handle equally well both small single day events or large events with international guests and exhibitors that are held over multiple days. Our team strives to make each event unique unto itself. It's our belief that there really isn't a "one size fits all" method of event planning and management.

That's why all One Monocle managed events that, although will carry your branding, will be infused with One Monocle's Flair for the unique and memorable. Our personally tailored events are capable of covering a broad spectrum of feelings and moods, even during a single event. We have organised events that are serious, business focused, and strictly professional. However we have also organised events that have involved booze cruises, dinners on a beach, and after-event dance parties with samba dancers and lasers. We can certainly match the needs of almost any group event . On a smaller scale we are adept at planning and hosting single day team building events for small to medium companies as well as corporate. If you have an event and are seeking support to make your vision a reality.

With our own successful history of success in business networking and the experiences and challenges we've faced over the years, we are pleased to offer our services to current and new business network managers who are seeking expert advice and assistance based upon real world and industry experience.

If you are a business network manager or owner and curious about how we can help.