How Freight Forwarders Can Secure Business in the Face of Logistics-Technology Game Changers

Today the global logistics industry is undergoing massive change due to the increased use of technology and automation. Traditionally freight forwarders relied on their networks of contacts and “who do you know” in order to secure business. Competition was focused on offering the lowest rates. Records were kept on paper or spreadsheets. And deals were made with phone calls and a handshake. In short a very low-tech approach to global business.

One of X2’s roles under network management is to understand and help identify industry shifts, changes and future trends. This allows us to help our network of over 500 freight forwarders in more than 150 locations around the world be tremendously successful and professional.

With the future looking even more likely to be technology driven there will be an obvious requirement for forwarders to focus on the customer and look at new ways to innovate in this ever increasingly competitive market. The customer-centric business environment requires supply chains to be resilient enough to respond quickly and easily according to demand whilst maintaining vital profitability. Indeed, organisations are now required to step-up and maintain their competitive edge by treating customers as strategic partners in order to keep up with the tech-savvy consumer.

We assist and advise our members of specific tactics to grow and develop their business within the group. Obviously, one thing we have no control over is the introduction of new technology. But our research shows that freight forwarders need to innovate and have a more focused, customer-centric approach to win in the face of logistics-technology game changers.

How Will Freight Forwarders Innovate and Grow in 2016?

We recently asked 130 freight forwarders and 110 of their customers a few questions about innovation, technology and their plans for business growth in 2016. See their feedback below.


So the data shows that whilst most freight forwarders think of themselves as part of the early majority or sooner in terms of adopting technology (55%), they also fall short in terms of innovation, new ideas and solutions (47%).

Building on this how are you going to innovate your logistics business in 2016/17?

Leave your comments below. And also let us know how X2 help you reach your goals.

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