Network Management

The services offered by X2 Group have a global reach and that is shown through our clients located in Asia, Europe, North America and the rest of the world. We offer clients a variety of management services, namely Business Network Management, Event Management and Creative Solutions.

X2 Group has the most experienced team of business network managers in the industry. Richard Overton, X2 Group CEO, founded X2 Group after his time with the largest logistics networking business in the industry. However, that is where he identified the gap that was missing in the business networking industry.

X2 Logistics Networks was created to fill the gap in the market. The gap that Richard has sought to fill through the creation of X2 Group and X2 Logistics Networks is the lack of professionalism in the networking industry. X2 Logistics Networks has managed to fill that gap and has established a network with a culture of professionalism. X2 Logistics Networks now offers a professional group for almost any specialty of freight forwarder.

With our own successful history of success in business networking and the experiences and challenges we've faced over the years, we are pleased to offer our services to current and new business network managers who are seeking expert advice and assistance based upon real world and industry experience.

If you are a business network manager or owner and curious about how we can help.