One Monocle Plans & Manages Successful South Africa Ball 2018

On October 6th, 2018 the South Africa Ball was held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. X2 Group’s event management company, One Monocle was contacted to plan and manage the event at short notice, and created an event that has received high praise. Also in the run up tot he event, One Monocle was responsible for event PR & marketing, plus the search for sponsors to support the fundraising for two charities.

One Monocle was contacted about six weeks out from the event date and asked to organize and plan the event. Within that time One Monocle conceptualized, sourced decorations and other visuals, organized menus, and developed a schedule of events for the evening.

As is the aim with all that One Monocle does, is to make the night unforgettable and continue to raise the bar to redefine what a high quality event is in Bangkok, Thailand.

The evening opened up with a splendid reception area with a balloon gate entrance, Beautiful flowers arrangements, staff with welcome drinks at the ready, and elegant cocktail tables . The main highlight of the reception area was a “Wish Tree”. The Wish Tree was created to support 2 charity organisations: The Rice Seeds Child Programme and The HESC Rhino Orphanage.

The night featured a welcome by Ragil Ratnam, the Chairman of the South Africa – Thailand Chamber of Commerce, and a speech about Nelson Mandela and how South Africa has changed over the past 20 years from someone who knew Nelson Mandela personally, the South Africa Ambassador to Thailand, Geoff Doidge.

This year’s South Africa Ball also featured a musical performance by South African musical duo Qadasi & Maq. The pair create music that is a mix of traditional Zulu sounds and modern strings and lyrics incorporating two languages.

We wanted to create a feeling of South Africa and gather the great community together! And step away from the boring conception of gala dinners and charity events to make it unique and enjoyable! – says Kristina Terekhova, Event, PR & Marketing Manager of One Monocle

To conclude the might, many guests gathered around a TV in the reception area to watch the South Africa v. New Zealand rugby match. Unfortunately, the night ended as a loss for the South Africans.

Despite the slight damper of a rugby loss, the event was applauded and One Monocle received many messages of praise when everyone was back one their feet after a day of recovery. We received special recognition from the South African Ambassador about the night’s ambiance,”…what a complete transformation… It reflected South Africa from the entrance and through to the completely unrecognisable ballroom.”

One Monocle would like to thank the South Africa – Thailand Chamber of Commerce and Jabulani for the opportunity to plan the South Africa Ball 2018.

One Monocle also expresses their appreciation to the Rice Seeds children who wholeheartedly sung the “Royal Thai Anthem” to open the event.

Finally, One Monocle thanks the ambassadors of South Africa, Kenya, New Zealand, and Peru for spending their evening at the South Africa Ball 2018.

X2 Cold Chain & Asia Cold Chain Show

X2 Cold Chain Partners with Asia Cold Chain Show 2018

Our X2 Cold Chain network is partnering with the upcoming Asia Cold Chain Show to be held in Bangkok, Thailand from November 28-30 2018.

The Asia Cold Chain Show is a 3 day event that hosts companies connected to agriculture, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, retail, chemical, and many other industry sectors that rely on cold storage, material handling, and temperature-controlled logistics.

This is the event’s 4th year in Bangkok and the Asia Cold Chain Show continues to attract decision makers from logistics companies, retailers, and equipment suppliers.

The X2 Team will not only be supporting the event as we have done in the past, but will also be attending to view industry developments firsthand and utilize that experience to identify unique programs or items of interest that could prove valuable to X2 Cold Chain member business development.

This year’s event is anticipated to be the biggest yet and will likely yield even greater opportunities for attendees.

Industry professionals wishing to attend can find more information and register at


X2 Logistics Networks Announces BoxTop Technologies Vendor Partnership

X2 Logistics Networks is pleased to announce a partnership with BoxTop Technologies through its X2 Vendors program. BoxTop Technologies is a well known and recognized provider of freight management and transportation system software. They are a company of software professionals who will be beneficial to the members of the world’s most professional logistics network.

BoxTop Technologies was founded in 1995, which gives them nearly a quarter of a decade of freight industry experience as a software platform. Today BoxTop’s software helps freight forwarders and other logistics professionals around the globe manage their operations, accounts, customer relations, warehousing, and tracking so they can work more efficiently and continue to grow their businesses.

Fortunately, 6th Annual X2 Conference 2019 attendees will be able to personally meet with BoxTop Technologies at their booth and learn more about how BoxTop can help streamline their internal operations and processes. If that’s too long of a wait, there will also be the associated Cargo Weekend just days prior to the X2 Annual Conference.

X2 Group Founder & CEO Richard Overton is, “looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership that will allow for the members of X2 Logistics Networks to reap the rewards of BoxTop’s involvement through X2 Vendors.”

X2 Group’s X2 Logistics Networks Announces X2 Annual Conference Dates & Location

The X2 Group offices are abuzz with anticipation because the 6th Annual X2 Conference 2019 has been announced. It’s going to be the most complex and far reaching we event that has been done by a logistics network. Despite the fact that it’s July and the event is in February the X2 Team is excited and already eager to get conference preparations underway. Likewise we hope all of the X2 Logistics Networks members are happy to hear the news after weeks, maybe even months of waiting.

What can you expect at the next X2 Annual Conference? You can certainly expect the always present X2 Conference events such as the Gala Dinner and the popular X2 World Cup. We’re mixing it up a bit with combination Cocktail Reception/Pool Side Meet & Greet for a little change.

One thing that you’ll need to check out, because it is held in conjunction with the 6th Annual X2 Conference, is the Cargo Weekend. The Cargo Weekend was inspired by last year’s Mad Hatter’s Garden Party and the storied Club X2 that was held after the Gala Dinner.

Browse the site and see all of what X2 has to offer its event delegates and guests. Also, when you’re ready don’t forget to book through the X2 Concierge. Let the X2 Concierge do the work for you!

X2 Logistics Networks Announces Partnership With ConsolFreight

X2 Logistics Networks of X2 Group has launched a partnership with ConsolFreight to provide X2 Logistics Networks members with a tool to help prepare for the future of logistics due to the growing demand from customers for faster and more efficient service. X2 Group feels that a platform such as ConsolFreight will be required for companies to remain relevant in the industry.

ConsolFreight is a platform for cargo consolidators and co-loaders that interconnects them with the shared objective of making cargo consolidation cost effective while shortening the transit times. The combined volume of all users contributes to individual savings through collective platform utilization. ConsolFreight’s patent pending ConsolSmart uses algorithms to provide users with cost savings and more efficient operations. One of the most interesting aspects for users is likely the ability to request new trade lanes.

Through X2’s formation of a strategic partnership with ConsolFreight X2 is providing its network members with a tool to increase operations efficiency and also a platform to prepare for what very well could be the future of freight consolidation and freight forwarding in a broader sense. According to X2 Group CEO & Founder Richard Overton, “Everything started to come together as we were preparing for our 5th Annual X2 Conference 2018. During the event we introduced the platform to get a feel for how it might be received and the feedback was positive. Now we have a full strategic partnership in place and something that I think will really help our members prepare for the future.”

At the time of writing the ConsolFreight platform has limited availability but you can apply to get a head start by registering via

Also see Forwarder Magazine and AJOT for other articles announcing the X2 Logistics Networks and ConsolFreight partnership.

5th Annual X2 Conference Sees More Tech Presence

Blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other tech terms are thrown around every day in the logistics industry when articles and discussions are focused on where the industry is headed and what is the future of not only the freight forwarding specifically, but the general logistics industry as a whole.

X2 Group has taken notice of the acceleration of technology and solutions service providers in the industry and has made it a feature of the 5th Annual X2 Conference 2018. The Annual X2 Conference brings together all the groups under X2 Logistics Networks to a single location where they can establish and reinforce professional relationships with fellow members. The CEO and Founder of X2 Group, Richard Overton, says “Conferences are essential for success within the network, especially for those who will be attending their first X2 Conference.”

For the upcoming event that will be held in Hua Hin, Thailand from 24-28 March 2018, X2 has invited 3 software solutions providers and an insurance partner that will offer X2 Cargo Protect, an e-insurance platform made available to X2 Logistics Networks members.

The 4 companies will be represented by guest speakers, and their representatives will be available for conversations and meetings throughout the duration of the event. The companies who will be participating are WiseTech Global, Softlink, ConsolFreight, and Nacora.

For Softlink, ConsolFreight, and Nacora, 2018 will be their first appearances at an X2 Logistics Networks event, however WiseTech has had a regular presence at X2 Annual Conferences since 2016.

WiseTech Global and Softlink will both be promoting their software solution platforms oriented towards freight forwarders. WiseTech Global is known throughout the industry for their CargoWise One system. Softlink offers multiple software solutions for different industries, however the focus will likely be their Logi-Sys freight forwarding oriented software.
Nacora is owned by Kuehne + Nagel, and although they are an insurance broker, they also have a tech aspect to their presence at the upcoming X2 Conference. Through its e-insurance platform X2 members will be able to easily and quickly insure their shipments.

“2018 is already demonstrating that technology will be a strong influence for the immediate future of the logistics industry and that’s something that not only our members. But other freight forwarders need to pay attention also and begin adapting,” says Murray Backhouse, the General Manager Global Networks for X2 Logistics Networks when asked about the increased presence of technology for 2018.

The 5th Annual X2 Conference 2018 will be held in Hua Hin, Thailand from 24-28 March at the Dusit Thani Resort and will be attended by freight forwarding and logistics industry professionals from around the globe.

X2 Logistics Networks’ Elevated Networking Ambitions

X2 Group’s X2 Logistics Networks has big plans for the upcoming 5th Annual X2 Conference 2018. Posted on a our network blogs and picked up by the American Journal of Transportation; the below article provides a preview of X2 will “Rise Above”

Conferences and annual general meetings have been around longer than logistics networking has been an industry. If you’re a freight forwarder or your customers are freight forwarders you likely attend 3 or 4 events a year. Reading this, your mind has probably already started running through the logistics networking routine; arrive at the event, cocktail reception, presentations, one-on-one meetings, attendee dinner, depart for the airport.

Of course the basics are unavoidable. Every event needs a cocktail reception, and, of course, what would a networking conference be without a dinner and meetings? It all becomes routine after attending your first few events.

But what if you could network in the sky? Attend an English Garden Party? And have a Floating Market come to you? All while meeting with not only freight forwarders but tech startups, airlines, and other potential partners?

This year, X2 Logistics Networks is elevating logistics networking to a new level.

“Networking in the sky,” is how Richard Overton, X2 Group’s Founder & CEO describes why there will be hot air balloons at the 5th Annual X2 Conference 2018.“This year, our 5th year, which is a milestone for any logistics network, means that we need to go big. Well, we always go big if you look at our past events. But for this coming conference we need to go seriously big.”

Going big means attendees will have the opportunity to network while in the baskets of hot air balloons. There has never been a logistics network event offering this type of memorable and unique opportunity for its attendees.

The hot air balloons aren’t just for conversation. X2 members were offered the chance to sponsor a balloon and a few quick and lucky members who managed to claim a balloon sponsorship will receive a drone video of their balloon plus their brand displayed on a 7 x 5 meter banner.

The hot air balloons will make their first appearance at the Mad Hatter’s English Garden Party. Why an English Garden Party? Richard Overton explained, “We like to have a little bit of fun at our events and I thought I’d bring some of the UK to Thailand for our conference.”

In balance to the English influence, X2’s event places a very Thai spin on the regular Gala Dinner. Plenty of networking conferences are held in Thailand and the typical Thai element has been a traditional Thai dance performance. X2 is is going in a different direction for their event. The X2 Team will be bringing a floating market to guests. Boats loaded with food will be crossing a lake at the venue during the dinner to provide a delicious meal and memorable experience.

Guest entertainment and experience won’t be the only elements to be elevated during the 5th Annual X2 Conference 2018. The event will host an array of insurance, tech startups, airlines, and network partners from other industries who will be providing unique and exclusive opportunities to the members of X2 Logistics Networks.

From hot air balloons and a floating market to airlines and tech startups. The 5th Annual X2 Conference will be very different alternative logistics networking event that is designed to facilitate the forming and strengthening of business relationships but avoid the monotony of the standard logistics network event.

The 5th Annual X2 Conference 2018 will be held in Hua Hin, Thailand at the Dusit Thani Resort from 24-28 February 2018. Registration can be completed via

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