How Freight Forwarders Can Secure Business in the Face of Logistics-Technology Game Changers

Today the global logistics industry is undergoing massive change due to the increased use of technology and automation. Traditionally freight forwarders relied on their networks of contacts and “who do you know” in order to secure business. Competition was focused on offering the lowest rates. Records were kept on paper or spreadsheets. And deals were made with phone calls and a handshake. In short a very low-tech approach to global business. Read More

X2 Group’s New Look

If you’ve visited in the past you might have noticed that the X2 Group page has seen some remarkable and significant changes.

As the X2 Group has grown and expanded over recent years we have developed the needs for a website that goes beyond X2 Logistics Networks and also highlights the other operations under the X2 Group.

As you might see now, we have added a media wing as well as ecommerce. These additions stem from offers that have already been provided by X2 Logistics Networks members, and this has helped us realize these sectors as viable business opportunities for X2 Group that can be operated without straying from our base of X2 Logistics Networks.

Continue visiting to view any developments and keep up with the development and growth of X2 Group. If you’re interested in our logistics networking, please visit X2 Elite, X2 Projects, X2 Critical, X2 Cold Chain, X2 Movers depending on your specialty or interest.