Richard World Tour 2017: Morocco

There are a number of reasons why X2 is different from every other Logistics Network in the World. And also a reason why it is also titled “The Most Professional Logistics Network in the World”.

One of the main reasons is that there is constant networking, & not just once every year during the Conference. At X2 the Networking is yearlong.

X2 C.E.O Richard Overton pays utmost importance to visiting and meeting X2 Members whenever & wherever possible. He strongly believes that maintaining relationships, listening to feedback & discussing opportunities is the key to a strong and cohesive group of professionals looking to grow and develop global trade lanes.

Richard meeting with X2 colleague Samir BenMannsour, & the rest of the team from LoadLine.

Richard meeting with  Lakhmidi Abdeltif & the rest of the Morocco Shipping & Forwarding Company (MSFC) Team

Richard meeting with Mohamed Bakkali & the rest of the Euromed Booking team


Richard meeting the Advisor to the Chairman of the Moroccan Freight Forwarders Association



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