Within the first few months of the opening of X2 Logistics Networks’ general freight network, X2 Elite, we began receiving requests from members requesting design and other creative services. As time passed and the network grew and the X2 branding was reaching more people there was a steady increase in request for assisting member companies with their marketing material designs, website design, and even social media management. Needless to say that eventually it was clear that our designers and developers would be doing more projects for X2 Logistics Networks members. It only made sense to set up X2 Global Media to handle the requests for member projects and set X2 Global Media to distinguish itself amongst X2 Group’s service offerings.

Over the past couple years X2 Global Media has expanded beyond its base offerings of initial member requests focused on brochures, websites, and social media consulting. X2 Global Media has also created company promotional videos and exhibition booth design. X2 Global Media is an essential pillar of support to our event management team. X2 Global Media assists in conceptualizing event aesthetics and the design of decorations and other elements that might be required for the sensory success of an event. The Media Team is always attentive to the current trends and also the design and marketing concepts that are just emerging along the horizon. Contact us to discuss how X2 Global Media can support your brand.