Vector Global Logistics overcome the pandemic, road blockages and an earthquake to prevent an automotive line-down situation

12:00am 22nd March 2023

The supply chain for the automotive industry is complex.

Unexpected shortage of parts, airport and port congestion can result on costly line down scenarios and that is why the forwarder needs to adopt lateral thinking to face the problems and find a solution to deliver on time.

This was a situation that our X2 Elite member faced recently in serving an important client in Mexico.

The following were the problems facing the Vector team in order to deliver a solution to their valued client. 

The client was unable to transport their goods by truck due to a major highway closure between Queretaro and Aguascalientes in Mexico (El Bajio) to Puebla.

Their customers needed the auto parts urgently to fulfill order obligations. 

The global pandemic continued to make shipping extremely complicated.

A 5.7 magnitude earthquake hit Veracruz, causing disruption all over Mexico City

The order had to be completed within 5 days
It was decided to move the goods by helicopter for which special flight permits were obtained as normally helicopters could not fly at night, and communication with the major flight tower was knocked out.

With a series of helicopters, the parts were delivered in less than the time required time, allowing continuous production at the automotive companies in the area.

The Vector team once again rose to the occasion, complying with the flight regulations and ensuring optimum safety for the pilots and the public.

When faced with this problem they have addressed it, looked at it every which way and found the way to do it, overcoming all odds against them.

The successful achievement of this project has now added an additional tool to their already substantial portfolio of competences.

Our compliments to the Vector team on a job well done.

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