AGL Agemar Handles Efficiently Any Challenge

12:50am 7th August 2020

During the pandemic, our Turkish member AGL Agemar Project Team achieved a couple of projects shipments without any problems. During May they shipped one of many excavators from Izmir, Turkey to Haiphong, Vietnam. AGL Project Team lashed and secured the cargo at the warehouse, going through any challenge. Since the wheelbase was long, the excavator was placed on wooden wedges, not on a container. Cargo was been moved smoothly.

On June, AGL Team dismantled and loaded oversize industrial machinery from Istanbul, Turkey to Chennai, India. They made sure to secure and lash the cargo at the shipper’s factory, so they made special tarpaulin for the cargo. Cargo was on deck without any problems.

Well done team! Great to hear that nothing stops you to overcome the challenges!