From India, to Zimbabwe: Ongoing shipment by AIRSEA

6:41am 7th October 2020

AIRSEA team in India recently handled huge Gensets mounted on Mafi trailers to Durban South Africa during the last week of September. This cargo was loaded on MV Hoegh Trove V 146 Line RORO vessel on Monday 28th September. The team has had a great experience handling this project!

The cargo involved is as follows:
- 5 2000 KVA Gensets mounted on 40ft SOC containers; each of them weighing 65 tons.
- From Chennai, India to Durban, South Africa and from there transportation will be done by road to Harare, Zimbabwe.
- The departure of the cargo is on 29th September. The ETA to Durban is of 19th October.

Wishing the best to the team on this ongoing project until arriving successfully to destination!

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