Elections Are Possible With TEU Shipping and Forwarding Group

11:51am 20th April 2021

TEU has recently delivered 9400 voting machines, the same number of voting sections all over in Bulgaria.

The whole project started only 2 days before the expected pick up of the machines from the suppliers’ warehouse in Sofia. The workload included organizing the gathering up on Friday afternoon following a strict schedule a delivering the same day to the warehouses in 28 district cities in Bulgaria. TEU managed the finding and organizing of 28 warehouses in the cities that had to operate from 6 am on Saturday until 4 am on Monday morning.

The most challenging task was to prepare 290 small trucks to deliver the machines at more than 9400 voting sections, all this should have been done on Saturday. On Sunday evening, the machines were delivered to the warehouses, loading on the trucks, and delivered back on Monday morning to the main warehouse in Sofia.

Many thanks to 4 TEU Bulgaria employees who worked 4 days around the clock and performed all services requested on time and with no delay. All numerous issues which arose due to the very short notice time were solved in a fast and professional manner. X2 couldn’t have been more impressed with TEU Team! Well done and congratulations!

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