Mileage Logistics Project Shipment from Germany to India

5:12am 16th August 2022

Our X2 Asia Global Member, Mileage Logistics, with the support of their German counterpart shipped 2x 48,6ts Pelton Runners from Hamburg to Mumbai. The cargo was loaded as Breakbulk on M/V Lila Mumbai (BBK Vessel).

Normally the plan was to load the cargo on 2 simple flats, but the shipper informed their German counterpart at the last second that the shipment got 4ts heavier than initially addressed.

All initial planning was void due to the special safety construction for this sensitive cargo, and they had to work out a new loading option. Finally, a joint decision was taken to load the cargo as Breakbulk.

The given time frame was a little unlucky, as the truckers would have needed more time to arrange all the road permits. Suddenly, the vessel was advised to be at POL even 2 days earlier than expected, and trucks were planned as per the initial schedule.

All in all, it was a complicated operation, with loads of unforeseen things, but everything matched in the end.

Mileage Logistics is very happy to have performed this loading as smoothly as possible under the given circumstances.

Well done Mileage Logistics team.

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