Element Int'l Forwarding and Logistics Project shipment transported from Iskenderun to Jebel Ali port

4:48am 18th August 2022

Our X2 Member, Element Logistics has recently done a project shipment from Iskenderun to Jebel Ali port.

The pre-carriage with lowbed trucks from the factory to the port of Iskenderun was also arranged by Element Team.

Element Logistics can handle all of your projects like vessel (yacht, pinnace, catamaran), vehicle (supercars, cars, ambulance, fire engines, excavators, trains), wind power, military cargo, and all project shipments.

Information about the subject shipment:

POL: Iskenderun

POD: Jebel Ali


Measure for the project:

Length: 19670mm

Width: 2800mm

Height: 3140mm

Weight: 18-20 TON

Well done team. Congratulations on this amazing project done.

For more information, please contact: