Win Transport Italy urgent transport services

4:33am 5th October 2022

Our X2 Member, Win Transport Italy has expanded in the area of extremely urgent transport services, here is a statement by the company about their operations in the niche market.

"Quality is a plant that must be cultivated, the sweeter our fruits are, the most satisfied are our clients."

Ever since we decided to operate in the niche of extremely urgent transport services, we focused on the priority need of our clients to know that the way we work is exactly how they expect it to be. SOPs, ad hoc procedures, and training of both office personnel and drivers lead us soon to ISO9001 and GDP guidelines.

ISO9001 circle Plan-Do-Check-Act and the search for new solutions have strengthened our proactive approach to clients’ needs.

GDP security and backup solutions, together with continuous training for all personnel involved in pharma shipments, made us a partner to our clients, rather than a supplier. For those who need quality, we can help you."

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